fredag 15 mars 2013

Inge Jacobsen och korsstygnen

Inge Jacobsens korsstygnsbroderade omslag till Vogue Magazine.

Broderiet så förknippat med kvinnligt, här blir det draget till sin spets. Stygnen vackert skeva och blir fria trots att de är bundna till en strikt form och är ju också baksidan effektfull.
Att sedan ta steget till det bakvända broderiet är genialt!

Längst ned ett samarbete med Georg Jensen för att visa deras smycken.

Inge Jacobsen broderar andra stygn också, se mer på hennes hemsida som är länkad ovan.

Nedan om Inge av henne själv:

My practice is about the intervention into the photographic image, particularly those from newspapers, pornography, and high fashion magazines. I use cross-stitch and embroidery as a way to physically interact with, and altering, the image. With the over saturation of images in our world today, this is a way for me to ‘hijack’ this overwhelming consumption from the mass produced and alter it to create something unique. 
Using embroidery is also a way of connecting femininity from the past with the present. My concerns as an artist are the photographic image as an object and the way women are objectified through photography. By bringing the surface of the image to the attention of the viewer, I want them to acknowledge the surface of the photograph and look at it, rather than through it, thereby seeing it as an object. By predominantly using images of women, I am linking those concepts.

I use photographs because, as a photograph captures a moment in time – a split second- each stitch captures the moments physically endured by the artist over the course of its creation.

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